Book Review – Alice by Christina Henry




Book – Alice by Christina Henry 
Rating -4/5 ♥♥♥♥


“They both went in but only Alice came out. Two weeks later came Alice, covered in blood, babbling about tea and a rabbit, wearing a dress that wasn’t hers.”


When I picked up this book in my local waterstones I was promised a dark and twisted trip down the rabbit hole and that is exactly what Christina Henry brought with this book.

This is the first fairytale retelling book that I have read ( I have bought several- they’re still on my TBR list) I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but this book has blown away my expectations and I enjoyed it way more than I was expecting too. If you’re picking up this book expecting it to be anything like the original then don’t waste your time, the only similarities I would say this book shares is the character names. You will see some beloved character re-imagined in this book but that’s as far as it goes. And that for me was a very good thing, different was exactly what I was looking for.

Christina does a fabulous job of world and character building without pages and pages of unnecessary detail. Straight away you’re introduced to Alice who is a lot older and scarred both mentally & physically. Alice is in a mental asylum having been put there by her family when she went missing for two weeks and returned ranting about her run in with the rabbit. The re-imagination of the rabbit in this book is dark, bloody and cruel.

If you have any triggers then I would avoid reading this book and would not recommend. It mentions sexual assault, mutilation and at times extreme violence. Oh and cannibalism for those with a weaker stomach.

This version of Alice is dark, gritty and pulled me in from the first page. I truly hated having to put it down. The only thing that stopped me from giving this book 5 stars as a rating is that I feel there were several big bad villains in this book that were really built up….(I wont mention their names, just in case it spoils anything for anyone) and then they were dealt with in a manner that just felt a little too easy for me. I was looking forward to more of a showdown between the characters and I feel like this was the only one thing missing for me.

Overall, a recommended read.


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