Reading Slump Problems

I’m sure anyone who enjoys reading will have faced the dreaded reading slump at some point in their life, and it’s not fun. You have so many beautiful books you could be picking up and devouring right? but all you do is sit and look at it in your hands – thinking meh to yourself? Maybe it’s just me but that’s how mine usually go! I truly despise a reading slump, with my ever growing TBR pile just mounting ever higher I don’t have the time to let it pass on its own. So I decided to get proactive about it this time around, so I have two tips that worked for me, both of them probably well known.

dsc_00461)Reread a book or series you loved.

I don’t know why this isn’t something I’ve tried before, but my god this worked a treat for me. If you can’t tell from my blog name, I’m a fan of The Mortal Instruments series by the wonderfully amazing Cassandra Clare. This series is my all time favourite, those 6 books top my list and have held the number one spot for a while now. I was initially only planning on rereading the first book, City of Bones, but once I got into that I was just desperate to reread book 2 so I decided to roll with it while it had me in the mood to read again. I’m now currently on book 4 and plan on rereading all of that series – Which I figured was a good lead to then start some of the books by Cassandra that I’ve not yet read and also be able to remove those from my tbr.

2) Buddy Reading.

If you have a friend, online or someone nearby, who also enjoys reading then maybe try a buddy read? Preferably the same book so that you could both discuss it? I tried this technique but altered it slightly, I have my all time favourite series and my cousin has hers, so we made a deal with each other…I read Harry Potter( yes it’s shameful I haven’t read these before) and she reads The Mortal Instruments. I’ve also found this to be helpful, I’m so eager for her to read and enjoy my beloved TMI that I’ve started to read hers in return! So far so good.

If anyone has any other things they try to break out of a reading slump them please feel free to leave a comment or tweet with what has worked for you!